Saturday, April 08, 2006

Waiting for their turn

This is a main auto-rickshaw terminus. The person leaning out is checking to see how long before his turn to move comes. The man in red in the vehicle in front of him is quietly resigned.

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taffer said...

Fun shot Sudeep :)

taffer said...

Btw, are you still looking for a rangefinder ¿?

Sudeep said...

Hi Oscar

Yes I am still looking for a rangefinder. According to the researches I conducted, I will sadly not be able to afford anything other than a Canon GIII or similar.

A friend of mine is going to be in Zurich for three months. I thought I would ask you about the secondhand market in Zurich. Since I did not have you email I was thinking of putting in a comment.
You can email me at: smdeep(at)gmail dot com.

Thanks for the comments.

nononsense said...

funny! I bet being in one of these ricksaws is excellent for taking street candids. I experienced it myself when I was in Indonesia.