Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday Grooming

I have cropped the foreground a bit. I think the man in the blue shirt is waiting his turn and cleaning his nails in the meantime.


Mark said...

Hi you have a very nice site with some fantastic photography,

Maybe you would consider submitting it to my directory it is free to submit.
If you would like to submit please consider adding a link back to the directory from your site.

Many Thanks.

taffer said...

Nice scene Sudeep. There's a nice mood around the subjects. You can also compliment these kind of shots with some closer ones, maybe centering in one detail of them or so. That is of course, if they don't mind you doing so ! :)

Sudeep said...

Hi Oscar

I would to do what you suggested. It is just that I am too shy to do it :-(

I took this after a lot of prodding from my wife. I am working on this, will take some time I guess.


taffer said...

Hey don't worry, I know because I'm too shy as well :) It's just what some people tell me, to get closer ;)