Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Planning a trip!

We, my wife and I, are planning a trip to Panna National Park, in Madhya Pradesh. We wanted to visit Bandhavgarh National Park, Khajuraho and Orchha initially. We abandoned the idea of going to Bandhavgarh after being unable to figure out how to reach Khajuraho from Bandhavgarh, a distance of around 250 kms. So the hunt was on and we decided to go to Panna and stay at Ken River Lodge. Bandhavgarh was abandoned more so as we could not get a booking for three nights. Doing some extensive research on the Net we decided to take a chance on the Ken River Lodge. The other two we are yet to book. I never knew planning a trip so well in advance could be such a big hassle. The M P tourism website obviously is not too Net friendly. The online booking does not work! The Calcutta office works with a a dial up connection :-o. Anyhow, the first part of planning is complete. Now planning the second part. Wonder what and how much film I need to buy?

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