Friday, November 18, 2005

Film vs Digital

There is so much talk about film vs. digital. For those of us living in developing countries it is still not economically feasible to go out and get a DSLR. I got the secondhand A2 at a fraction of the cost of a entry level DSLR like the EOS 350D. For me the best part of digital is that there is no waiting period between clicking and checking out the results. The realtime editing is a cool feature too. I still like the whole feel of holding a good print in my hands, black and white or colour which is lacking in digital pics. Even if the cameras eventually go digital, printing on paper will remain.

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Subhankar Chatterjee said...

Looks like we have to wait for quite some time to grab a good digital slr. Even though 350D is selling high, it's not what I would want to buy! And I'm always scared of the sensor giving up on me or rather some dead pixels as soon as the warranty is over :-P

Some serious debate on digital vs film printing, here :-