Saturday, June 10, 2006

Darjeeling Mall

Vehicles are not allowed on the Darjeeling Mall. So people generally push their two wheelers across the Mall. Cars/four wheelers are strictly forbidden. This was taken sometime in 2002/2003 during the monsoon. Monsoon time in Darjeeling one is almost always walking in the clouds and everything takes on various shades of grey tones. Scanned from a 4x6 inch print on a very low end scanner. One has to see the print to appreciate the tones, the scan does not do justice to it.

Canon 500N, Black White film pushed 2 stops.

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romu said...

damned i imagine the print
cause for this kind of pic it s difficult to have a good scan
did you buy a scanner?

Sudeep said...

Hi Romu
I have'nt bought a scanner as yet. This was scanned some time back on an entry level Canon Scanner. I am hoping to buy sometime this year :)


tetsu said...

Beautiful blurring. :-)

Sudeep said...

Thanks! I am glad you like it, tetsu. Have been to your blog many times. It is fantastic!

taffer said...

Hey Sudeep this is a really beautiful image ! I love this and hope to see many more view of the Monsoon there ! :)
Congrats !

Sudeep said...

Hi Oscar,

I was sure you would love this one. I have quite a collection of Monsoon pictures of Darjeeling and plan to do some monsoon shots in Calcutta this time. I honestly wish I had a film scanner to show the monsoon pics in the right tones. Romu did some magic with the one here but my PS skills are negligible.

taffer said...

So you're starting to know me well :)

Have you seen some of the info on the internet about 'scanning' negatives by using a digital camera ?

They end being more a sort of 'contact sheet' than a real full photo scan, but it's something.

I've also found sometimes that flatbed scanners do a nice job with some prints, and for sure I love seeing these shots no matter the way they are coming :)


lynn said...

Oh my goodness, Sudeep: this is mesmerising. I am as drawn to the background as I am to the subject: a beautiful balance!

Sudeep said...

Hi Lynn
Thanks a lot for the appreciation. Now all I need to do is get a scanner and scan the rest of my Darjeeling pictures.


Alan Graham said...

Excellent contrast, I'm initially drawn to the lonely rider pushing his bike, but then I'm enjoying picking little glimpses of detail out of the misty distance.


Sudeep said...

Hi Alan

Thanks! I have quite afew pictures of Darjeeling in the rains. I just need to get hold of a good scanner. This scan does not hold a candle to the original post card sized print.


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