Sunday, February 05, 2006

Digital Fun

After struggling a lot over the merits and demerits of Film vs. Digital, I decided to borrow a Canon Powershot 310 (3.1 Megapixel) camera and take some pics at the Calcutta Book Fair. I have to concede, digital is very, very convenient. The biggest plus point is not having to wait for the film to develop. I think any budding photographer should actually start with Digital as the instant feedback helps in learning and then move on to film. I love my film cameras, but the biggest dissapointment with film are the labs. They somehow are just not good. After getting a roll printed the result is so dissapointing that even the 3 megapixel camera pics are 10 times better than my film results. Now I am debating whether to go digital or get a film scanner. Hard decisions as it involves a lot of money.

For the moment it is fun with the simple p&s.

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