Saturday, January 21, 2006


We had been planning for a holiday for a long time. Shuchi wanted to go to Kerala, I wanted a wildlife holiday. We found out about Ken River Lodge in a magazine. We liked the website and decided to go there. The best part of going to Ken River Lodge was that the rest of the tour (Kharjuraho and Orchha) would be very convenient to reach from the Lodge. To be honest, I had cold feet. Ken River Lodge seemed to be too classy a place. Once we reached all our fears seemed unfounded. We got a very warm welcome from Karan Rana (god bless his soul). The owners proved to be equally warm. Bhavna happened to be a person with hundred's of anecdotes about life on the lodge. I am sure she has a book inside her and am willing to bet good money it will sell well. To cut a long story short, I heartily recommend the place to everyone, wildlife lovers, peace seekers, activity lovers, inactivity lovers. The star attraction of the property IMHO is the river that runs by the side. As for wildlife, we saw plenty, but not the tiger, whose only trace was a set of pug marks.

From the Lodge we went to Khajuraho. Interesting place with a lot of foreign tourists, excellent Italian food. Too touristy for my liking and too crowded.

From Khajuraho we went to Orchha. Wonderful place. The MP Tourish hotels are very good here. Lots to see. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and came back rejuvenated. The only downside, we had to spend the 31st Dec, 2005 on the train.

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